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Update on Fasa adult Cohort Study: March 2019.

We are proud to inform you that our cohort study has got to higher steps and the great professor Malekzadeh have visited Fasa University of medical Sciences and contemplated on the details of the progress of the projects including the adult cohort study of our University.
A brief update regarding this project is as follows:
Fasa adult cohort study has been performed in The Following phases:

  1. Registry and recruitment: 10137 members were registered in accordance with
  2. The first follow-up phase: more than 99% of people were followed- up during this step. The person suite favorable outcomes they sent to internal medicine specialist for better evaluation and most of them god medical and clinical evaluation and treatment. The details and any ICD10 leaders were inserted by the internist. All details are recorded in the site online. The people who died during this is safe with recorded and the reason of death and because of this there registered by verbal autopsy and medical death sheet.
  3. The second follow-up phase: near 7500 people followed and the details were recorded as mentioned in the previous follow-up phase. Currently the follow-up is being continued.



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