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Update on youth cohort study:

After recruitment of 3000 people from eBay roral and Township inhabitants of the territory, the follow-up phase began at 17 may 2016.
Add this follow-up time all people were recruited again for face-to-face mental status evaluation interview and a structured evaluation of the 4 main targets of the youth cohort study .
1500 religious and 1500 citizens of the town where asked to come again in this phase and besides routine mental status examination some extra workouts like electrocardiography and body composition was evaluated.
Till the first day of March 2019 there has been about 2700 follow up people at cohort. The central district committee supervisors daily all the details of the incorporation of the data into the electronic file of every single man or woman in the cohort.
Currently about 2800 people have been visited. I have the second phase of this cohort.


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