NCDRC - Non Communicable Diseases Research Center


With the large burden of noncommunicable diseases worldwide and in developing countries, Fasa University of Medical Sciences (FUMS) takes responsibility to establish a dedicated research center to systematically engage in research activities related to NCDs. 

A History of NCD Research Center

Since Nov. 2014 we are conducting a population based cohort study planning to enroll more than 10000 participants aging 35-70 year old and follow them for at least 15 years. After 23 months of enrollment, 10157 participants were interviewed and detailed questionnaires measuring multiple exposures are compiled electronically. Meanwhile a well designed youth cohort of 3200 participants is currently enrolling people of 15-35 years old in the same location. The main outcomes of interest here are psychiatric problems, addiction and trauma. Phase 1 of the latter study is going to be completed in March 2017. 

As of Jan. 2017, more than 6000 person years of follow up have been done in both cohorts.

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