NCDRC - Non Communicable Diseases Research Center

Strategic Plan

strategic planning is a dynamic process that with enough flexibility makes changes according to environmental alterations and unprovoked conditions. NCD research center steering committee collaborates with experts to codify the five year strategic plan based on Bryson’s models and SWOT matrix. Some major research policies are as follow:

SO1-Enhancing national and international collaborations

SO2-Developing quantity and quality of services

SO3-Acqiring international grants

SO5-Establishing science based companies

SO7-Contributing in regional and national decision and policy makings

ST1-Training and potentiating researchers 




In order to facilitate research projects and prepare grounds for prevention and control of noncommunicable diseases, NCD research center avidly follows the scientific path through potentiating local researchers and developing international collaborations. While focusing on publishing state of the art research articles and applicable knowledge, we eagerly seek society’s contribution toward enhancing public health and reducing NCD burden.



This research center is determined to produce reliable and applicable evidence to eventually become an influential center in the field of NCDs. With the available efficient human resources and relying upon ethical issues, humanistic values and new technology, we are determined to establish a center of excellence to finally become an WHO collaborating center.



  • To perpetuate ethics in research and medical practice
  • To keep human rights and dignity
  • Responsibility and accountability
  • Enhancing quality research
  • To care for evidence based decision and policy making
  • To support researchers’ intellectual ownership
  • To support innovation
  • To enhance sustained development based on applicable knowledge
  • Setting surveillance methods and operation evaluation


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