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A hospital based registration system for patients with systolic heart failure to provide a real-world view of clinical practice, patient outcomes, safety, and comparative effectiveness for systolic heart failure.

In this registry, all HF patients will be recorded in ER, CCU, Post CCU and ICU wards.



Heart failure is increasingly imposing large costs to health systems globally. Any action in this field to reduce the poor health consequences would result in significant improvements in quality of life of heart failure patients. In order to properly understand the natural history of the disease and its burden in society, registering systolic heart failure patients is carried out in Fasa university hospital. With the valuable information gathered, epidemiological studies to define disease risk factors and natural history are on the way and relevant clinical trials will be designed to reduce risk.

Coordinating guideline oriented treatments, avoiding waste of resources, improving health economy, providing regional guidelines and creating a suitable platform to design and implement clinical trials are other practical purposes of this registration system.

Now (May 2016) this project is in the stage of gathering information and about 250 patients were registered up to now.


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