NCDRC - Non Communicable Diseases Research Center


There are six key steps in the data request process:

1. Submit a Data Enquiry Email
You should first submit a data enquiry email to introducing yourself and institution and explain general goals and interests of your research/institution. If you need any help or clarification about your data request, we will work closely with requestors to ensure that we understand the nature of your request and advise you on the availability of the data.

2. Become a member

After the initial conversation and upon a common understanding, the director of NCDRC will send you a token to become a member through the links provided.

3. Submit an electronic research protocol summary
Using their personal member area (dashboard), healthcare professionals or researchers who have become a member must complete and submit a summary of their research protocol. For information on who can request data, please read General Information section.

4. Evaluation of request
All data requests and protocols will be subjected to evaluation by specified research groups prior to approval from steering committee. This is to ensure data is used appropriately.

5. Approval and finalization of requirements
After approval by the steering committee, we’ll ask for the final details of your data request.

6. Data release
We will begin processing the data request after approval. We will check and ensure that the data released meets your requirements.


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