NCDRC - Non Communicable Diseases Research Center


Mohammad Hashem Hashempur, Zeinab Nasiri Laric, Parissa Sadat Ghoreishic, Babak Daneshfardd, Mohammad Sadegh Ghasemif, Kaynoosh Homayounid, Arman Zargarang



To assess the effectiveness of standardized topical Chamomile (Matricaria chamomilla L.) oil in patients with severe carpal tunnel syndrome, as a complementary treatment.

A pilot randomized double-blind placebo-controlled trial was conducted. Twenty six patients with documented severe carpal tunnel syndrome were treated in two parallel groups with a night splint plus topical chamomile oil or placebo. They were instructed to use their prescribed oil for 4 weeks, twice daily. Symptomatic and functional status of the patients and their electrodiagnostic parameters were evaluated when enrolled and after the trial period, as our outcome measures.

A significant improvement of symptomatic and functional status of patients in the chamomile oil group was observed (p = 0.019 and 0.016, respectively) compared with those in the placebo group. However, electrodiagnostic parameters showed no significant changes between the two groups.

Chamomile oil improved symptomatic and functional status of patients with severe carpal tunnel syndrome.



Carpal tunnel syndrome; Neuropathy; Matricaria chamomilla; Chamomile oil; Traditional Persian Medicine; Herbal medicine