NCDRC - Non Communicable Diseases Research Center


Ehsan Bahramali, MD

Ehsan Bahramali, MD Director of NCDRC, Vice Chancellor of Research and Technology at Fasa University of Medical Sciences

Habib Zakeri, MD

Habib Zakeri, MD Principal investigator at NCDRC, Deputy of Development and Human Resources, Fasa University of Medical Sciences

Javad Jamshidi

Javad Jamshidi Principal investigator and Researcher at NCDRC, Faculty member at Fasa Universiry of Medical Sciences

Soroush Dadvari

Soroush Dadvari Lab Director of Fasa Cohort Study, Lab Expert at Fasa University of Medical Sciences  

Joint faculty Members

Alireza Askari, MD

Alireza Askari, MD Chancellor of Fasa University of Medical Sciences, Principal Investigator at NCDRC