NCDRC - Non Communicable Diseases Research Center


Principal Investigator at NCDRC,

Deputy of Research, Fasa University of Medical Sciences



 Besides a long-life curiosity to learn literature and history, I am a graduate in medicine and a PhD owner in pharmacology. Basically, I am eager to introduce targets for treatment of neuroimmunological diseases and practically, I dream to lead clinical trials in those disasters.  Working in NCDRC has offered me opportunities to learn more in an academic setting. My love to learn has brought me an endless desire to serve people in the field of health and teach what I have found out. Medical history remains my research hobby to satisfy my original trends. Finally, teaching is my honor.  


Joint faculty Members

Alireza Askari, MD

Alireza Askari, MD Chancellor of Fasa University of Medical Sciences, Principal Investigator at NCDRC