NCDRC - Non Communicable Diseases Research Center


J Jamshidi

Principal investigator and Researcher at NCDRC,

Faculty member at Fasa Universiry of Medical Sciences



After graduating from Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences with a master’s degree in human genetics, I came to Fasa University of Medical Sciences as a faculty member, where I was lucky enough to be a part of research department and meet the right people, which I consider as a milestone in my carrier. I am also a lecturer in cellular and molecular biology and medical genetics. Now I am a member of Noncommunicable Disease Research Center (NCDRC) which its main objective is managing the Fasa Cohort Study (FCS), a large population based cohort study which was conducted in 2014. The long-term goal of FCS is to reduce the burden of common Noncommunicable human disorders.

As a geneticist I am interested in neurological and psychiatric disorders which have a genetic cause as their etiology, cardiovascular genetics and genetic epidemiology are also of my interest. My dream is to be a part of an expert research team, working on the molecular aspects of human diseases to play my role to move the human knowledge even a small step forward, as Neil Armstrong puts it “Research is creating new knowledge”. 

If you are willing to be our research partner and propose a research project in the filed of genetics and molecular biology,  or have any question about the available databases in FCS, please feel free to contact me. 


Joint faculty Members

Ali asghar Khaleghi,MD

Ali asghar Khaleghi,MD

Yousef gholampour,MD

Yousef gholampour,MD

Alireza Askari, MD

Alireza Askari, MD Chancellor of Fasa University of Medical Sciences, Principal Investigator at NCDRC