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Introduction of the center

Fasa University of Medical Sciences (FUMS) was established in 1975 by Professor Ronagi under the supervision of the World Health Organization (WHO), with the aim of researching medical and paramedical topics and training experienced doctors in the context of social responsibility. Therefore, the medical school was called a school without walls (limitless in the development of medical science). After some time passed, this faculty was upgraded from medical faculty to medical university by adding some other related fields and according to the recommendation and emphasis of the founder of the university, Vice President of Research and Technology of Fasa University of Medical Sciences (FUMS) primarily with the aim of meeting the needs of the territory It was concentrated under the authority of this university, and on 09/15/2013, a principle agreement was made with the establishment of the "Non-Communicable Diseases Research Center of Fasa University of Medical Sciences and Health Services" and on 03/96/2016, a definitive agreement was made. Some of the national projects in this field can be mentioned the projects of the Non-Communicable Diseases Research Center including adult and youth cohorts (Fasa Persian Cohort Study Center) with a total of 13 thousand people in two age groups, adults and youth, which was conducted by the honorable deputy of the Ministry of Research and Technology Health was approved and approved. The activity of this center is in the field of determining the risk factors of diseases and psychiatric disorders are also one of the main goals of the researchers in the Youth Cohort Study Center.
Among other major projects of the NCDRC, we can mention the disease registration project, which was established by the vice president of research and technology of the university to study the main causes of death of people caused by cardiovascular, neurological and metabolic diseases. became
Two integrated registries called FaRSH and FaRMI have been established in this center to register systolic heart failure and myocardial infarction.
The rapid development of research in the fields of basic science with the employment of some faculty members in various specialties in both basic and clinical medicine departments and research on projects leading to interdisciplinary products is also focused. In this field, molecular and cellular studies are designed based on biotechnology, and in addition, according to people's desire, another research concern of the university is to search for accurate evidence to analyze the possible benefits and risks of Iranian medicine based on traditional medicine in the last 1000 years. It has been Iran.
Non-Communicable Diseases Research Center (NCDRC) provides comprehensive support to all regional, national and international researches that take steps in line with the development and realization of the goals of the university and other related fields. The vice president of research and technology of the university has also supported international cooperation because this has significantly increased the quality and quantity of research and the percentage of international articles.
The establishment of two journal offices under the title of Scientific Research Journal of Fasa University of Medical Sciences at WWW.Journal.fums.ac.ir and Galen Medical Journal at WWW.Gmj.ir is another achievement of the Research and Technology Vice-Chancellor of the University, which is now independently It is continuing its activity and annually publishes a large number of valuable articles in the field of medicine and makes them available to others.
The vice president of research has compiled two medical scientific research journals, Galen Medical Journal and Fasa University of Medical Sciences Journal. These journals are now working independently
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